Finish Line!

finish line

So at this point we are very very close to the finishing line in that we have the snag list left to do and a couple of other small jobs. It has been quite the journey but I have really enjoyed the process though I am not sure many in our family would agree! What I am enjoying most now of course is decorating and seeing my Pinterest boards and magazine cuttings come to life! It is a slow process though, especially as my husband has a slight allergy to any DIY in the house but I am trying to do one thing each evening to give the house a warm lived-in feeling. It also means that I am planning more carefully around what I want to keep and what I am happy to get rid of. I am really enjoying how our old stuff is getting a new lease of life in new surroundings though i am trying to be ruthless and give away or sell the things that don’t fit or I feel I have outgrown. It is really hard not to buy everything new but as I love an eclectic look anyway it has been fun seeing how the new and old mix.

Watch out for new posts on the house and how we have finished the rooms and thanks for your patience during my summer hiatus!



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