Before & After

As I patiently wait for baby’s arrival I have undertaken a few small projects to keep myself sane (though I really should be getting ready for baby!). We are working on our living room and all will be revealed as it nears completion but in the meant time I got a notion to redo a letter holder that came with the house:


Firstly I sprayed the frame in a gold spray I got in my local Co-Op Superstores:


And managed to spray half my tablecloth at the same time! I then picked up two sample tiles from B&Q and replaced the original tiles:


I love the end result! I’m not sure how secure the tiles are as they are a little smaller and a bit thicker than the originals but for now they seem to be staying put. For now I have put it in the hall as I think the colours complement the hall stand I up-cycled last year:




So planning was submitted today! Fingers crossed May the 13th is lucky for us xx

So near…..yet so far

Our planning was due to be submitted this week but because of a mix up with the paper it wasn’t meant to be. With less than two weeks until my due date, I’m getting anxious that it will be in before other (more important!) things take over. In the meantime we are busy redecorating what will be our living room, long term. I hope to post photos of progress made very soon.