Something old, something new.

As we work thorough the whole planning process, spending the past year living in the house as is has given us the opportunity to decide what we want from the extension and those pieces of furniture that were already in the house. There were two Súgán chairs in our kitchen which were seldom used for sitting on but rather were demoted to holding boxes, clothes etc. Three more were languishing in an outhouse and it seemed such a shame to let them deteriorate further. Also while I’m finding that I am drawn to more and more to a mixture of modern/ mid century design. I do want to bring an element of the country and era of the house into the overall look of the new house and so we decided to see if the chairs were worth rescuing.
Súgán chairs are crafted without nails and their strength relies on the framework design and the wood joints that hold it together. At one point a carpenter reinforced the chairs as a result of the frame breaking on one of them which has taken the more traditional look off them, however the weave remained intact. Traditionally the material used in the process was hemp, today it has been replaced by twine. We think that our chairs are about 40 years old, or at least that was when they were brought to this house by my husbands aunt.


We had a local guy, Eamonn of Drab to Fab in Kildorrery sand and refinish the wood frame while Arthur Wilson reweaved the chairs. They are very light in colour now whereas the twine on them was much darker. I think that they look better now, they are so much brighter now and far more pleasant to look at. We know they will need looking after but the beauty of these chairs is that they can always be reweaved when necessary.



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